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Looking to achieve bright and clear skin? Do you have trouble getting rid of stubborn acne scars, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation? This Argan & Rose Face Serum is the perfect addition to your facial care routine. This blend of oils includes key ingredients such as carrot seed oil which has antioxidant properties that may help with scarring. Argan and Rosehip oils are also added for their ability to restore the skin’s natural tone by lightening unwanted dark spots and blemishes. The blend of essential oils in this serum really help to rejuvenate and repair cells from sun damage as well as aid in the absorption of Vitamin C which is regarded for its healing and scar fading properties. If you haven’t noticed already, this serum is packed with skin friendly goodness leaving no room for unwanted fragrances or harsh chemicals that have no place on your delicate face! Stop trying to hide those annoying scars and spots and get to healing and repairing them for good!


Argan & Rose Face Serum

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