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Ladies, don’t you just love it when bae walks into a room smelling oh so good?!? There’s nothing better than a man and his scent because it shows he cares about his appearance and not to mention it’s attractive! The key to smelling great doesn’t only come from cologne, but from your skin care products as well. That’s why Nature’s Love Organics has formulated a body butter specifically designed for men without all the junk found in traditional lotions and creams. Fellas don’t go another day without adding the Cedarwood and Orange Men’s body butter to your skincare routine! Not only does it smell divine, it’s jam packed with skin friendly oils like cedar wood essential oil and vitamin e helping to alleviate dry skin and help reduce the appearance of scars. After using, your bound to feel like that man the ladies can’t get enough of!

Cedarwood and Orange Men’s Body Butter

PriceFrom $9.00
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